2016 shareholder rights allocation scheme of the company

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2016 annual equity distribution program: the company intends to total share capital of 50 million 200 thousand existing shares as the base, to all shareholders for every 10 shares 0.13 yuan in cash; announcement shows, 1-12 month operating income of genuine smart in 2016 was 162 million yuan, net profit of 6 million 104 thousand and 900 yuan.
The company's main business for the production of photovoltaic cables and other cables, sales and research and development. (000591) solar photovoltaic power generation technology is through the photovoltaic effect directly into electrical energy technology, solar radiation, solar photovoltaic power generation system consists of solar battery assembly, battery, controller, inverter and other components, and is connected with connecting photovoltaic cable, bus connection, circuit components of photovoltaic power generation system and equipment the external connections necessary part of photovoltaic power generation equipment. The company is one of the earliest professional production of photovoltaic cable enterprises, accumulated more experience in production. Through the continuous R & D and technological innovation, the company has developed more varieties of photovoltaic cable products, a series of complete, can be applied to all types of extreme environment. The company and the state power, China power investment, TBEA (600089) and other large enterprises in close cooperation. In the field of photovoltaic cable, the company has a certain leading edge, at this stage in the industry competition has occupied the initiative and favorable position