《Shoal photovoltaic cables》T/CEEIA 263 - 2017,

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In order to adapt to the water on the photovoltaic power station and shoal photovoltaic power plant rapid development needs, Shanghai Jinyou intelligent electrical Limited by Share Ltd, Jiangsu Jinyou Electric Co. Ltd. is responsible for the drafting of China appliance industry association "with" shoal photovoltaic cable standard T/CEEIA 263 - 2017, released in July 27, 2017 and the implementation of. After receiving the drafting task of this standard in 2013, the company has completed the drafting of various stages of work in the past four years, and has been promulgated and implemented under the support of many efforts. This is the company in recent years drafted the seventh photovoltaic power station cable and smart photovoltaic prefabricated substation standards, the company also participated in drafting other industry standards. Make a positive contribution to the standard construction and quality improvement of PV industry.