The large-capacity amorphous alloy transformer

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In December 2021, during the 17th CSPV, Shanghai Jinyou Jinhong Intelligent ElectricCo., Ltd. released a large-capacity amorphous alloy transformer. This product is mainlyaimed at new energy power generation scenarios.

Amorphous transformer not only saves energy in the operation phase, but also savesenergy in the production stage of the transformer core (amorphous material used).Amorphous strip is a double-green environmentally friendly and energy-saving new material.The production process of its raw materials is more than 80% more energy-saving than themanufacturing of traditional oriented silicon steel. Taking 35kV and 3150kVA as an example,in the whole life cycle of iron core raw material production, product operation, and ironcore recycling, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions compared with silicon steelproducts is 613.2 tons.
The successful research and development of the high-voltage and large-capacityamorphous transformer of Jinyou Company has continuously upgraded and extended the laterproducts, accumulated operating experience and technical experience; accumulatedexperience in reducing system consumption and providing energy-efficiency products, whichis a goal for my country’s carbon neutrality. Contribute.