Successfully developed double-core armored cable

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Insulation, extrusion, and irradiation three-wire integration, the two-core armored cable was successfully developed

Walking into the cable production workshop of Jiangsu Jinyou Electric Co., Ltd., the workers are busy in an orderly manner. Rolls of cables are formed after stranding, stranding, squeezing insulation, and steam cross-linking.
Recently developed a cable with "thorns" on the wire, which is a two-core armored cable produced by the company. "This kind of cable is mainly used in deserts, mines and other wild areas. It has good resistance to external forces. It can also be guarded against rat bites and will not cause power transmission problems through the armor. The armor layer can be grounded and can also protect the cable. , To extend the service life of the cable."
Located in Guangyanghu Town, Baoying County, Jiangsu Jinyou Electric Co., Ltd. mainly produces photovoltaic cables and smart photovoltaic prefabricated substations. The products are widely used in China Power Investment, Huadian, State Grid and other projects. The sales of main product photovoltaic cables account for the national power station construction One-fifth of the amount used.
Double-core armored cables are very popular in the market. This product alone has produced 1,140 kilometers since this year, and the annual production is expected to be 3,000 kilometers. According to Zhou Youzhi, in terms of cable production, the company spends more energy on researching and developing new products in addition to ordinary cables. Only by continuously launching personalized and professional cable products can we win more markets. In recent years, in order to actively adapt to market changes, the company has successively launched submersible photovoltaic cables, rooftop photovoltaic cables, desert photovoltaic cables, etc., and is currently developing special cables for new energy vehicles and robots. As the country attaches importance to and development of new energy, there will be more and more new energy vehicles on the market in the future, and the market prospects for new energy vehicle cables and robot cables will be very broad, which will also be a new economic growth point for the company.
In addition to continuously launching personalized and specialized products to seize the market, the company also expands the market through cooperation with central enterprises in the “Belt and Road” project, and at the same time cooperates with Alibaba's overseas center sales platform to expand sales channels.
The company recently invested more than 3 million yuan on a new automated production line, connecting the three production lines of insulation, extrusion sheathing, and irradiation into one production line, which greatly improved production efficiency and saved labor. Strive to achieve 350 million yuan in invoice sales throughout the year. "