Carry on the past and open the future, conscientiously move towards new glory!

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Pan Chenxi, one of the founders of Jinyou Group, took office at the age of 30 in 1984 and became the deputy commander of the Baosheng Cable Plant project that was still in the preparatory stage. Fate. Baosheng Cable Factory grew out of nothing, and Pan Chenxi also took on the role of secretary, chairman, and general manager of the party group after the reorganization of the cable factory from the assistant to the director of the factory director to the factory director. The cable business is booming, and the group has been selected as one of the top 500 Chinese companies for many years

For Pan Jing, the current chairman of Shanghai Jinyou Group, now he has taken over the work of his parents, who have strengthened the business of photovoltaic cables with their life's dedication and dedication. This spirit will be passed on forever, with conscientious work Working attitude will take this career to the next glorious!
In the next few years, as photovoltaic power generation reaches thousands of households, Jinyou Group will continue to provide customers with innovative and optimized solutions to help them solve the pain points and difficulties encountered in the process of use, so that every user can use it with peace of mind , Safe and efficient clean energy. As for Pan Jing, now that he has taken over the class of his parents, they have used their lives and dedication to strengthen the business of photovoltaic cables. This spirit will be passed on forever, and he will carry on this business with a conscientious work attitude. Bring to the next glory!